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  • What is hypnosis and is it for me?

    What is it NOT? 

    Most people think of a stage, a woman (usually a woman) flat as a board lying between two chairs, or clucking like a chicken, or repeating some strange words when a magician snaps his (usually his) fingers—that’s just entertainment.

    What IS hypnosis?

    Real clinical hypnosis is a far different and more far-reaching healing experience. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and receptivity which can be a useful tool for individuals wishing to change some aspect of their coping skills, accomplish specific tasks, change their outlook, or improve their bodymind health.

    What’s more, you’ve almost certainly experienced it before.  It’s a natural altered state that most animals practice!  Even frogs, even spiders, even sharks, and certainly all mammals.

    “Hypnosis is considered to be a normal and adaptive altered state of consciousness that occurs spontaneously for many individuals throughout life.”  – Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

    Ever been so enthralled by a project that you lost track of time?  Ever read a book or saw a movie that completely captured your attention?  Ever been driving on the highway and so focused on your destination and your thoughts that you missed your exit?  Ever played a computer game so intently that you weren’t even aware you had to to the bathroom?

    How is hypnosis used?

    In the world of healing medicine and psychotherapy, hypnosis can be employed as a crucial part of the healing process.

    You don’t lose your memory, your will, your volition, or your ability to “wake up”.

    Hypnosis is never an intervention in itself.  It is always used for a purpose, YOUR purpose. You go to a psychotherapist, doctor, nurse, or trained healer to treat a problem identified by YOU. To facilitate your treatment, hypnosis can be used to improve results and save you time.  The treatment professional helps you, and YOU are in control.  

    Clinical hypnosis can alleviate habits like smoking or overeating.  It can effectively manage pain, nausea, and muscle tension.  It can reduce or eliminate depression, anxiety, worry, and obsessive thinking.  Alleviating symptoms is a primary goal of hypnosis in medical settings.

    Is hypnosis for you?

    When you are in a state of hypnosis, you experience a deep, altered state of consciousness in which you feel absorbed in the process you are experiencing, focused inward, relaxed, and at peace.  When hypnotized you are more open to suggestion. That’s why you don’t hire a stage hypnotist, you hire a trained and licensed practitioner of the healing arts, a psychotherapist, doctor, nurse, med tech, etc.

    You can also learn self-hypnosis, which you can practice on purpose and specifically for your benefit, at times of your choice.  

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    …at 303-669-9787 if you are curious about the possibilities of using hypnosis in your life. You can also search one or more of these professional directories:

    American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

    American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

    Most states also have regional professional directories.  There are also a number of international directories as well as directories within other countries.  Make sure that you are searching a directory of qualified licensed professionals.

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