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  • Mission

    I choose to support the positive aspects of the human character. My passion is helping my fellow humans do the same.

    The world is changing fast. In the midst of hatred, fear, and violence though, is also kindness, generosity, and courage.

    My perspective on stuff

    Everything seeks to return to balance. That’s the natural way of things. When we act to restore balance, the universe restores us.

    You are unique in all the world. You are taking action to understand how you came to be out of balance, to heal, and to grow into your whole and healthy self. I am here as a touchstone, to help you do just that.

    There is much to be done. You and I are not alone, there are allies everywhere.

    A brief look at my background


    MSW (specializing in child and family therapy) Jane Addams College of Social Work, Chicago.

    MBA Graduate School of Business and Public Management, Denver.

    BA (major in Spanish, French, and Portuguese) University of Arizona, Tucson.

    Colorado license: LCSW-719, Good standing, active

    Illinois license: LCSW 149-006461, Good standing, inactive


    National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

    Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH)

    International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD)American Society of Clinical Hypnosis:


    An eclectic mix of many therapies to suit you—Ericksonian hypnosis, family systems, ego-state therapy, mind/body holistic systems, EMDR, motivational interviewing, humanistic, client-centered, psychodynamic, CBT, play and expressive therapies,


    Adults, adolescents, elders, diverse family constellations, mono-lingual urban and rural Latino populations, GLBTQ populations, diverse urban ethnicities, trauma survivors, medical patients referred for hypnosis, cancer patients/survivors