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  • Where I come from

    I was born in Colorado and have lived in several western states, the heartland of this country, and on both coasts.  I like Colorado best. 

    I studied bodywork and became licensed to practice various forms of massage and energy work in northern California.  I got a BA in Spanish, Portuguese, and French when I lived in Arizona, and an MBA from the University of Denver. Later, living in Chicago, I earned a Master’s degree in Social Work.

    In all endeavors, I have consistently learned how people live and take care of each other—how interdependent we all are.  How fragile and tender we are, and also how strong and resilient.  I have learned how to help people use their own creative life force, resolve difficult problems, and build a new life story using the resources around them.

    After receiving my social work degree, I lived in the Chicago area for almost 20 years doing community organizing and practicing therapy in neighborhood mental health clinics. Chicago is a world-class city that is also a down-home collection of beloved neighborhoods. In Chicago, everybody is somebody—belonging to some family, some culture, and some set of enduring social connections.  Chicago is big and gritty, and small and friendly at the same time.

    There, I worked with traumatized populations, learning ways to help people recover from scary experiences and stabilize their lives. I worked with traumatized kids and their families in urban elementary, middle, and high schools.  I worked in diverse Latino communities with Americans and immigrants from many countries dealing with issues of race, discrimination, immigration, family violence, and trauma at every level.  I worked in evolving LGBTQ families of choice, helping affirm and stabilize relationships and communities facing health and socioeconomic crises.  

    I loved getting out in different settings to present workshops, offer support groups, and practice therapy with a wide and diverse range of people.  I started a city-wide women’s group which is still active among thousands of women today, more than 25 years later! 

    Now, I’m back in Colorado for the past 16 years, continuing this work that I deeply believe in. I believe in the goodness in all of us, and in how we can tap into that strength to heal ourselves.  

    We live in difficult times. Best to live our lives with courage and kindness, one day at a time, focused on the people we love and the activities that restore our spirits.  I work for justice and equity.

    A (very) brief look at my background


    MSW (specializing in child and family therapy) Jane Addams College of Social Work, Chicago.

    MBA Graduate School of Business and Public Management, Denver.

    BA (major in Spanish, French, and Portuguese) University of Arizona, Tucson.

    Colorado license: LCSW-719, Good standing, active

    Illinois license: LCSW 149-006461, Good standing, inactive


    National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

    Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH)

    International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD)American Society of Clinical Hypnosis:


    An eclectic mix of many therapies to suit you—Ericksonian hypnosis, family systems, ego-state therapy, mind/body holistic systems, EMDR, motivational interviewing, humanistic, client-centered, psychodynamic, CBT, play and expressive therapies,


    Adults, adolescents, elders, diverse family constellations, mono-lingual urban and rural Latino populations, GLBTQ populations, diverse urban ethnicities, trauma survivors, medical patients referred for hypnosis, cancer patients/survivors