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  • Therapy for Dissociative Disorders

    You are precious.  Your life is precious.  Your time on this planet is precious.

    But you are feeling miserable, without energy, and discouraged about how your life is going.  You’re scattered.  You feel crazy.  You do stuff that gets you in trouble.  Sometimes you find yourself lying and hiding in plain sight from “normal people.”  Normal?

    But you’ve done well to stay alive.  It fades back into history, whatever it was.  Is.  

    How do other people manage their lives, earn a living, get along in the world? Perhaps you feel like you are living in a metaphorical box, just able to do what it takes to manage.  It’s a box you HAD to create for yourself to survive atrocious experiences.  But now the box is too small for you to live a real and happy life.  

    It’s time to make some changes, and there’s no time like the present.  The present is exactly where you are.  It belongs to you, this change.  You feel like you’re taking a risk in order to get help. Know this—you are not alone even though you might feel that way. I’m here.  And we have allies everywhere. 

    These are core symptoms of dissociative identity disorder you may recognize in yourself: 


    Recurrent memory problems, often described as “losing time,” these gaps in memory can vary from several minutes to even years.


    A sense of disconnection from familiar people or one’s surroundings, as if they or the world around you are unreal or foreign.


    A sense of detachment or disconnection from one’s self.  This can include feeling like a stranger to yourself, feeling detached from your emotions or your body, feeling robotic, or feeling like a part of your body does not belong to you.

    Identity confusion

    An inner struggle about one’s sense of self, who one is, which may involve uncertainty, puzzlement, or conflict.

    Identity alteration

    A sense of acting like a different person some of the time.  Recognizable signs of identity alteration include using different names in different situations, discovering you have items you don’t recognize, or that you have learned a skill you have no recollection of learning.  There may be strangers who seem to know you or your activities and who call you by a different name.

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