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  • Clinical hypnotherapy

    Ever been so enthralled by a project that you lost track of time?  Ever read a book or saw a movie that completely captured your attention? Ever been driving on the highway and so focused on your destination and your thoughts that you missed your exit?  Ever played a computer game so intently that you weren’t even aware you had to to the bathroom?  

    You’ve experienced a form of hypnosis, an altered state that is focused, relaxed, and open to the experience.

    In the world of healing medicine and psychotherapy, hypnosis can alleviate habits like smoking or overeating.  It can effectively manage pain, nausea, and muscle tension.  It can reduce or eliminate depression, anxiety, worry, and obsessive thinking. Alleviating symptoms is a primary goal of hypnosis in medical settings.

    In psychotherapy, hypnosis can help you understand and work through psychological problems that have stymied you in the past. You can approach serious psychological blocks safely and create lasting changes in your life.

    Hypnosis is a state of deep absorption, calmness, and clarity.  Research shows that it not only improves treatment results but can also speed up the process of healing.