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    I thank each of my clients for allowing me into their lives to help lift some of the pain they’ve been carrying. You are the source of positive change in the world! Your struggle to rise in your own life lifts everyone who struggles, and you inspire me.

    (The names I’ve printed below are not their real names)


    For the past five years, Marilee's compassion and support have guided me through some of the hardest years and events of my life.  She listens without dismissing me and offers a wide variety of approaches to work through the traces of trauma in my life that go way way back.  She has offered me the most sincere care and support as I have learned more about myself.  She has helped me develop strategies to navigate obstacles in my life, and she has also held me accountable when I dismiss my own talents and skills.  She has been one of my greatest allies.


    I've been seeing Marilee for a little over a year now, and I can't stress enough how safe and understood I feel.  I appreciate that she asks for my feedback on sessions and she listens.  She's improved the quality of my life in one year so much more than any mentor, teacher, parent, or mental health worker ever has.  I feel she is honestly interested in seeing me heal and blossom out of the misery I was in when we first met.  She truly saved my life.  I genuinely would not be here today if it wasn't for her.


    Our sessions were very helpful.  There was a balance of focus on the immediate trauma, and also some of my longer-term life issues.  At every session, you gave me a tool or thought process that I could apply, and I am still using them now.  Examples of things that resonated include the affirmations, the exercise around my different personas, the deep relaxation and focus of the hypnosis sessions, the discussion of cognitive distortions, the fact that you challenged me when needed.  I'll carry those with me.


    After six months I am still smoke-free.  My craving for a cigarette is getting less and less. The two sessions we met for hypnosis are working.  I listen to the tape you gave me, and I feel nauseated and angry about my past smoking.  On a body level, I just have no need for nicotine anymore..


    In the short time we worked together, the hypnosis helped me overcome my stage fright!  Before working with you I was paralyzed with fear.  I could teach my students, but I couldn’t do my own recitals for even a small number of people, let alone for larger audiences.  Now, 2 months later, I am still free from that angst.  I am performing solo and am booking orchestral pieces without even feeling worried.  All I have to do is remember the imagery you gave me, and I laugh.  Your humor dispels the demons.  Thank you so much.


    I went to Marilee Snyder for 4+ years for counseling.  She helped me through a lot of trauma and was also very supportive.  She has skills in many different types of counseling, and I liked that.  We did a lot of EMDR, which was positive for me, and I moved through a lot of trauma.  I only stopped seeing her because she left the clinic my insurance would pay for.