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  • Bouncing back

    If you click on the link shown below, you’ll see an amazing dance/motion performance that totally inspired me.  When I first saw it, I thought, That guy is going to fall.  And then he DID fall.  What happened after that blew my mind.  I want to be able to do that, too!

    The performance artist is Yoann Bourgeois.  When I first saw this video, I could easily identify with the ups and downs portrayed in his graceful trampoline performance.  I felt it was a metaphor for the times when I have had troubles in my own life and have somehow transcended them.  

    When you see this video, focus on how you are feeling right now.  Imagine that you are this man and that you are somehow dealing with a setback you have experienced.  Sometimes we can bounce back.  Sometimes the failures we experience can be profound learning experiences and can strengthen us for the future.  And sometimes, when we don’t take the effort seriously, when we celebrate success prematurely, we fail again.  

    Perhaps you can draw strength and face your challenge again, with many more skills this time.  Perhaps you can win.  Perhaps you can make it stick with appreciation for your skill and hard work, as well as a measure of humility. 

    Yoann Bourgeois is French dancer, choreographer and artist.

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